1. Mission. 
    " By the passion of pioneering the investment strategy of sustainable development. Apply technology, contribute a successfully production process with the advanced product quality in fashion, garments perfectly and supply chain-class services, contribute to improve the quality of life for the Vietnamese people and elevate the status for the Vietnamese people on aroundthe world. Bring the benefits to the owners, shareholders, customers. Carry the work environment with the motivation for employees. "
  2. Vision. 
    CO Mayca ambitiously strive to become the designer brand of fashion in Vietnam apparel for the Vietnamese people. To live, to desire and to work for a bright future of Vietnam. 
  3. Core Values.
    - Customers are the owners, and we are the colleagues. 

        - Discipline: Discipline in work. 

        - Prestige: Prestige for the customers, partners (commitment to quality products, services and progress)

        - Mind: Mind to work, colleagues, society. 
        - Talent: Precisely, ready adding acknowledge for the professional job.