Policy content in exchange returned goods Co. Mayca 
Co. Mayca committed new sales materials and ensure the correct quality of the manufacturer. At the same time, products that customers get to intact, works well and right with the information described on the website Co Mayca. 

If you get the product wrong with the above commitments, please immediately notify the Co Mayca within 48 hours from the time of delivery. Co Mayca please refuse to support any claims about the status of the product bonded in case you notify after this time. 

The unsatisfactory products mentioned above will have time to make the change to pay within 3 days from date of receipt. Policy content change paid as follows:

- Products must be in original condition, and stamps, labels, no signs of use. 

- Not through washing, ironing or dirty or damaged, no flavor .. 

b. Change delivery process 

- Step 1: You call the Hotline 0963838328, or Inbox products you want change back. Commodity counselor will answer you change pay immediately to ensure the goods for you 

- Step 2: You send the goods be returned Change Number 734 Nguyen Trai, ward 11, district 5, HCM City

- Step 3: Staff receiving the goods, staff identify the source of goods, customers receive every day ... .nguyen's return / exchange. Commodity if matching policies prescribed yarn paid by the company, employees conducting contact with the customer to pay the pham.Cong change company changed into any other products then sent back to the customer, the fee bear company, usually by mail delivery to guests (or with the next line) 

**note: there is no bill or the bill will not be bartered. The company supports conversion into other products or colors, no refund products. 

- For more information about the regulation change delivery, please contact Hotline: 0963.838.328