Although we are trying our best efforts to ensure that all the details are described and shown on the website of the price is right, sometimes there will be some mistakes. If we find that the price of any product, from Wet, for the guests, we will inform you the exact customers in the fastest time is sent to the client can choose to confirm the price of the order or to cancel the order. If we are unable to contact the customer, we will automatically cancel the order. If the customer to cancel the orders before our guests arrived before the guests to pay the goods, we will refund the guests.

(a) the price for the case, including tax increases and the value of vietnam. Transportation costs will be added to the application of computer, check the cost of additional calculation will be received, including in the final".

(b) we have no obligation to fulfill customer orders, if the display on the website of the value is not accurate (even if we confirm the order of the customer).

(c) customers can select the payment payment list on our home page.

(d) in order to reduce the risk of unauthorized access, data encryption card we will passengers. When we receive the customer orders, we will request to allow access to the guests, to ensure that the card points The G card has enough money to complete the transaction. Orders will not be confirmed until the program completed before the examination. A passenger card money deducted when we confirm the order to the customer. The card can be issued check and authorization credit card. If we do not get authorization requirements, delay or non delivery of the goods we will not be responsible for any.

(e) when the captain of the right of payment, by clicking on the "order" button, to ensure that the guest is a credit card of the guests, and guests have enough rights is the legitimate use of gift cards or Phi classic death A large discount and enough money or credit card payment, the value of the product.